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Say I Do…

At Camp Mary Orton

When you choose Camp Mary Orton, you impact lives.

Camp Mary Orton is owned and operated by Godman Guild, a nonprofit organization dedicated to moving families forward in our community. Every year we host Godman Guild’s educational summer camp program for youth. By choosing Camp Mary Orton you help support crucial programs in Columbus.

Our Historic Lodge

The historic Lodge at Camp Mary Orton is the ideal location for a wedding, reception or both. The warmth of original wood floors, high-beamed ceiling and 14-foot wide stone fireplace make for an inviting location to celebrate your day. The 5,000 ft², climate controlled Lodge has two large connected rooms, an industrial-sized kitchen, and an outdoor terrace. The terrace overlooks a large lawn perfect for outdoor ceremonies. The entire Lodge and use of the surrounding grounds are included with your rental.

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Included With Rental:

– 200 new white folding event chairs and a minimum of 175 white plastic garden chairs
– A minimum of 25 6’x30” folding tables
– 2 large 8’ x 38” farmhouse style wooden tables
– A minimum of 30 picnic tables (6’ x 29”) located next to the lodge
– Trash cans and bag liners; recycle bins
– Ice for $3 for small bags
– A host (Camp Mary Orton Staff Member) on the day of your event
– Parking for up to 150 individual vehicles


Camp Mary Orton does not permit the use of nails, staples, or tape on building surfaces. Glitter, confetti or sparklers may not be used in the Lodge. Candles are permitted if they are fully enclosed within non-flammable containers that extend at least one inch beyond the top of the flame. Please contact your rental services account executive for a list of what is permitted and with any questions regarding decorations.


You are permitted to provide your own food or bring food in with no fee. You are solely responsible for set-up and clean-up for your event. Outside caterers with proof of business license, workers compensation and insurance are welcome. A signed catering contract with designated fee (10%) must be on file with Camp Mary Orton prior to your event. If you have not chosen a caterer, we can provide you with information on caterers who have catered events at Camp Mary Orton.


Alcohol is permitted without additional permits or licenses. We do, however, encourage responsible consumption. Public intoxication and underage drinking will not be tolerated, and can result in your entire party being asked to vacate the premises. A licensed bartender is required if you have a cash bar or party over 200 guests.

Drop Off or Pick Up of Rented Property

Drop off and pick up of rented equipment such as extra tables, chairs, linens, etc., must be arranged during the hours you are renting. There will be an additional fee of $250 for rented equipment that is not dropped off or picked up during the rental hours or outside of Camp Mary Orton business hours. If you need a rental vendor, we can offer a list of vendors who have provided services at Camp Mary Orton.

Set Up & Clean Up
You are responsible for all set up and cleanup of your event within your rental time. We will not hold anything (flowers, food, decorations, etc.) for pick up the next day. Anything you wish to save must be taken with you when you exit Camp Mary Orton. If you are not cleaned up by your exit time, you be charged and additional $250 and may also forfeit you security deposit.


We do not provide extra security the day of your event. If a safety or security issue occurs during your event the proper authorities will be called by the Camp Mary Orton host. Our maximum capacity for weddings is 250 people in total.


Your rental fee covers total hours of your event as stated in your contract. If you wish to drop off equipment or decorate the day before, or stay beyond your contracted time, there will be an additional fee of $250 per hour. The host on-site will ask you to leave at the time noted on your contract.


– If the function is cancelled within 30 days of signing the rental agreement, all money minus a $100 administrative fee will be refunded.
– If the function is cancelled 180 days or more prior to the event date, Camp Mary Orton will refund all money minus 10% of the deposit.
– If the function is cancelled between 179 and 90 days prior to an event date, 50% of the total rental fee and full security deposit is due.
– If the function is cancelled 89 days or less prior to the event, the total rental fee and any other applicable fees will be due.