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I am so happy to welcome you to Camp Mary Orton!  We have been serving children and families for 100 years! Camp Mary Orton now exists to serve children, families, schools, churches and corporate groups.  We are nicely situated on 167 wooded acres in the city of Columbus. Within our green space we have a rustic lodge that seats 250 people, pavilions scattered across the property for gathering and activities and programs, indoor and outdoor high ropes courses and many adventure activities.  Feel free to explore what Camp has to offer using the menu to the left or at the top of each page. Of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your interest in Camp Mary Orton! Sincerely, Marci Ryan, Director


Owned and operated by Godman Guild Association, Camp Mary Orton is utilized as a natural arena for a variety of Guild programs. In order to know who we are, one must first look into the Guild’s history.

In the late 1800s, immigrants settled in a tough area of Columbus known as Flytown to labor in nearby factories. Opportunities for children were slim.

The plight of these troubled youth caught the attention of Anna Keagle, a North High school teacher, who sought help from The Ohio State University. In 1898, the First Neighborhood Guild was established, housing the neighborhood’s first library and offering structured English classes, public baths, sewing and social clubs, and a kindergarten. In 1900, Henry Godman, owner of the Godman Shoe Company, made a generous donation and the Guild moved to a larger facility known as the Godman Guild House.

In 1910, Mrs. Annetta Johnson St. Gaudens donated 11 acres of land in the Flint Ridge area in order for the city children, “to love the trees and wildflowers and beasts of the soil.” Camp Johnson provided a summer refuge to the Flytown residents, with the objective of promoting good health. During the 1920s, other generous donations allowed Godman Guild to expand the camp to its present 167 acres. Edward Orton, Jr., an active Guild board member, contributed proceeds from his late wife’s estate. The lodge at Camp Mary Orton was built in her honor.

Today, Camp Mary Orton has greatly expanded its services to include the Greater Columbus private and corporate sectors. Our adventure activities_ complement the Guild’s mission to empower the individual, strengthen families and foster community.


Our mission is to strengthen families and_ communities by providing opportunities_for personal growth; to be a place to experience nature and respite; and to be a resource that contributes to the mission of Godman Guild.